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Adobe Photoshop, Xhare in English

Automatic Image File Renaming


When downloading image files from digital camera, you’ll get camera generated file names, such as DSC_0028.JPG, DSC_0029.JPG, DSC_0030.JPG, and so on. There’s a more fun way to copy image files from digital camera. You can get unique file names, such as Britney_birthday_0208_001.JPG, Britney_birthday_0208_002.JPG, and so on..

How it works? Use Photoshop!

  1. Run Adobe Photoshop application.
  2. On the Action palette menu, choose New Action.
    (if the palette is hidden go to Window > Action, or press Alt+F9)
  3. New Action window appears. Fill the action name with “File Rename”. And then click Record. Active red button on the Action palette indicates actions recording progress.
  4. On the File menu, click Open. Open just one of image files in the folder of the files you wish to rename. You can open a file from your harddrive, connected digital camera, or plugged memory card.
  5. After the file open, re save it in a new file name. Click File menu, choose Save As. Just fill the file name box with any name (I use “temp” file name for example) in any folder in your harddrive. Choose JPEG (*JPG, *.JPEG, *.JPE) file format. Click Save.
  6. JPEG Options window appears. Fill your desire value. Click OK.
  7. Close the file window by clicking File menu and the choose Close.
  8. On the Action palette, click the Stop icon.
  9. Go to File menu, choose Automate > Batch. Batch window appears.
  10. On the Batch window,
    1. In the Play section, choose Set : Default Action, Action : File Rename (the action you made)
    2. In the Source choose Folder, and click Choose.
      Browse for Folder
      appears. Browse your source folder. You can use the folder from your digital camera or memory card as a source folder. Check the Override Action “Open” Command.
    3. In the Destination section choose Folder, and click Choose. Browse for Folder window appears. Browse to your destination folder where you want to save the renamed files. Check the Override Action “Save As” Command.
    4. In the File Naming section, fill the consecutive boxes with any text or number you want. But the most important thing is you must select 4 Digit Serial Number and Extension in the last two boxes. See the example below.
    5. When everything is ready, click OK.
  11. Just wait until Photoshop done your work.


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