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Joining multiple splitted .rar files

Bahasa Indonesia. 

I’ve recently downloaded multiple .rar files that have to be joint. I didn’t know how to join them because there’s no .exe or .sfv attached. I’ve tried to find the information about this .rar files joining by submitting key words: join+multiple+rar at Google. None of them solved my problem. So, I started trying to join them by myself.

The downloaded .rar files were like these:

Multiple .rar files

I extracted each of them on WirRar. The results was .exe files as described below.

.exe files

I was thinking, if I run the first .exe file (Aplication_1_English_Disk01.exe), the others will join it automatically. So, I double clicked the first one to see what will happen.

I found a confirmation window appeared. I direct the destination folder to its source for extracting. I clicked [Extract].

Confirmation window

After a few moments, the first .exe file (Aplication_1_English_Disk01.exe) was extracted into 2 files, .000 and .bat in a folder (see below).

Aplication_1_English_Disk01.exe extracted

The other 2.exe files were not integrated to the first one automatically. So, I double clicked these 2 .exe files. And as the first one, a confirmation window appeared. These two files then were extracted to two folders. Each of them contained files .001 and .002. So now I had 4 files in 3 folders (see below).

All .exe extracted

I put all these extracted files into one folder.

Placing all extracted files in a folder

When I double clicked the .bat file an MS Command window appeared.

Re-Assembling pieces

Seeing the MS Command window, I had just realized that ‘Re-Assemble’ is a more proper term instead of ‘Join’. After a few minutes, I got a new assembled file, an executable installer file… Yayy!

It works!

Sorry if my English is so so bad and hard to understand. I just wanna share my experience. If you are an English spoken person and want to make some corrections about these writings, I will much appreciate it.




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