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How to open a .djvu file

Bang Opik, a friend of mine who lives in Medan, Indonesia, ask me a question about how to open a .djvu file that he downloaded. After searching through Google, I found out that WinDjView is one of softwares for viewing .djvu files.

DJVU is a file extention is a kind of similar to but smaller than PDF.

After downloaded and extracted the zip, I then send the WinDjView-0.5.exe to him. I don’t why, he said he couldn’t open the .djvu file he got. Hmmm…

What I am writing here is a step by step process to open a .djvu file. Ready, Bang Opik?

  1. Download WinDjView software at http://windjview.sourceforge.net/. It’s available for Windows and MacOS. I’ve also uploaded the Windows version at http://www3.bigupload.com/files/NOZUNRR157/WinDjView-0.5.exe.zip.html
  2. Extract the zip file (if you chose to download a .zip or .rar file rather than .exe) to get the aplication. Skip this step if you already got the WinDjView-0.5.exe.
  3. Run the WinDjView-0.5.exe by double-clicking it.
    Double Click
  4. Choose Open in File menu on the application and select desired .djvu file. Click Open.
    Open the file
  5. Now, you read and print the DJVU document.
    djvu04 - ready

Thanks to Andrew Zhezherun who created an awesome WinDjView program. Please make some donation if you like the program.



Satu respons untuk “How to open a .djvu file

  1. WinDjView is good. But STDUViewer is better. One viewer for DjVu and PDF.


    Posted by Alglib | Juni 13, 2008, 7:15 pm

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