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CMOtech USB Modem CM-5100U 1X

CMOtech CDMA 1X USB Modem


1X : CM-5100U

Radio Frequency

Band : 800MHz

(RX : 869 ~ 894MHz TX : 824 ~ 849MHz)


1X : 70×45×16mm(32g)


Storage : -30 ~ +75℃

Operating : -20 ~ +50℃

Power Consumption

CDMA Max < 700mA

CDMA Typical <250mA

Sleep < 10mA

Operation Voltage : 5VDC

Data Options

Packet data, Async data, Two-way SMS,

Quick Net Connect

Data Rate

1X : Forward Link : Up to 153Kbps,

Reverse Link : Up to 153Kbps



Hardware Interface


Software Interface

IS-707 AT command set and CMOTech extended

AT command set

IS-683A compliant over-air download/update capabilities


Windows 98SE, Windows ME, Windows 2000, Windows XP

Option R-UIM Support

This CDMA USB Modem has been release in Indonesia under 5th Media Xplore 1X brand in 2003. I have this modem, but the driver can’t be found on internet.

The driver CD was lost, but I’ve found it again. I share it now here:


Download and extract using 7-zip.

The modem can also be used for phone call and SMS. I use Motorola earphone since I lost the original one.


One thought on “CMOtech USB Modem CM-5100U 1X

  1. Bisa digunakan pake kartu R-UIM CDMA 800 seperti Flexi, Esia & Fren/Mobi. Smart gak bisa.

    Posted by ajoull | Desember 25, 2009, 11:07 am

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